Daily Routine at Christchurch Temple



5:30 AM Wake up – Silent meditation
6:30 AM Morning meeting- Meditation followed by chanting pirith
7:30 AM Breakfast (morning Dana) and clean up kitchen and monks resident
8:30 AM Study and individual meditation
10:45 AM Buddha pooja, meal offering for monks
12:00 PM Punyanumodana-rejoicing in merit
12:30 PM Study time and personal practice
3:00 PM Tea – Gilanpasa
3:30 PM General maintenance of the vihara
6:00 PM Tea- Discussion
7:00 PM Group meditation followed by Vndana
8:00 PM Individual practice and Study
10:00 PM Mindful rest

General Services



Program Name

Every Saturday Christchurch Temple Dhamma Sermon
(6pm – 7.30pm)
Every Saturday during the Vassana season Christchurch Temple Buddha Vandana, Pooja, and Dhamma Sermon
(6pm – 7.30pm)
Every month second Saturday Christchurch Temple SIL and Meditation Programme
(9am – 5pm)
Every month third Saturday Dunedin SIL and Meditation Programme
(9am – 5pm)
Every Wednesday except Vassana season Christchurch Temple Meditation Programme
(7pm – 8pm)
Every Sunday Christchurch Temple Dhamma school for Children
(9am – 11.30am)
Every Friday Christchurch Temple Meditation programme for Non- English speaking community
(6pm – 7:30pm)
January Christchurch Temple New-Year Blessings
April Christchurch Temple Sinhala and Hindu New-Year Blessings
May Christchurch Temple Vesak Festival
July Christchurch Temple Annual Vas Aradhana
July – November (Every Saturday 6pm -7.30pm) Christchurch Temple Kathina Dhamma Sermon
October/November Christchurch Temple Kathina Ceremony
Christchurch Temple Library
 Meditation Retreat & Mindful Day Camp 18th & 19th January 2019

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